For 32 years, NABS has been our industry’s stable support net, providing essential services to help advertising professionals and their families thrive throughout their careers and into retirement. Together, NABS ensures the industry is stronger, and more caring by providing access to professional counselling, LifeSpeak, customized career coaching, and financial assistance. The need for NABS support has never been greater. 2015 has been a year of unprecedented change with a measurable and profound impact on the employees in our industry.

Our world is full of causes and requests for help. NABS is the one charity that impacts uniquely on our industry.  Nobody understands the advertising industry better than NABS. Whatever your challenges, NABS is there to help. Running your work is just one more “problem”— solved by NABS. You’re welcome.

Our helpline is 1-888-355-5548.
It's 24/7 and confidential.